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I Saw The Devil 2010

I Saw the Devil is a 2010 South Korean thriller film directed by Kim Ji-woon, written by Park Hoon-jung and starring Lee Byung-hun and Choi Min-sik. The movie is ultra violent and portrays women in horrifying circumstances. The Korea Media Rating Board forced Kim to recut the film for its theatrical release, objecting to its violent content. Otherwise, the film would have received a 'Restricted' rating, preventing any sort of release in theaters or on home video. Seven cuts were made with the total run time of removed material between eighty and ninety seconds. It was made available in its original form in other countries.

Directed by : Kim Ji-woon
Produced by : Kim Hyung-woo, Jo Sung-won, Kim Jae-young, Kim Jung-hwa
Written by : Park Hoon-jung
Starring : Lee Byung-hun, Choi Min-sik
Music by : Mowg
Cinematography : Lee Mo-gae
Editing by : Nam Na-young
Studio : Showbox/Mediaplex
Distributed by : Showbox/Mediaplex (South Korea), Magnet Releasing (US)
Release date : 12 August 2010 (South Korea), 4 March 2011 (United States)

Plot Summary :

During a snowy night, the car of Joo-yun (Oh San-ha) gets a flat tire and Kyung-chul (Choi Min-sik) drives up and offers to help fix her tire. Joo-yun turns down the request. However, she does not know that Kyung-chul is a sadistic murderer, and he ends up kidnapping her and brutally kills her. Afterwards, Kyung-chul cuts Joo-yun into pieces and scatters her body parts. The next day, a boy encounters one of Joo-yun's severed ears, and the police are called in to find the rest of the body, under the command of Section Chief Oh (Cheon Ho-jin) and Squad Chief Jang (Jeon Kuk-hwan), who is the father of Joo-yun. After it is confirmed that Joo-yun is the victim, her fiancée, Soo-hyun (Lee Byung-hun), who is a secret agent, becomes determined to track down and take vengeance against Joo-yun's murderer, even if he is forced to become a monster himself.

After receiving a list of potential killers from Jang, Soo-hyun receives Kyung-chul's location from his son, whom he has abandoned and sent to live with his grandparents. Upon finding his fiancée's wedding ring in Kyung-chul's home, Soo-hyun attacks him in his greenhouse, while Kyung-chul is raping one of his would-be victims. After suffocating him until he passes out and breaking his wrist, Soo-hyun places a transmitter inside Kyung-chul, so he can find his exact location and listen to his conversations. Waking up, Kyung-chul goes to a hospital where he sexually assaults a nurse, only to be again attacked by Soo-hyun, who severs his achilles tendon.

Kyung-chul goes to the home of his friend Tae-joo (Choi Moo-sung), a cannibalistic murderer, for a place to stay. After explaining his situation, Tae-joo remarks that whoever is after him must have some relation towards one of his victims. Through the transmitter, Soo-hyun arrives at the house, where he proceeds to incapacitate both murderers and Tae-joo's girlfriend Se-jung (Kim In-seo). The next day, both Tae-joo and Se-jung are found by the police and sent to a hospital. Meanwhile, Kyung-chul is sent to a private medical area where he and Soo-hyun are treated for the their wounds by a trusted subordinate of Soo-hyun's. However, a barely conscious Kyung-chul manages to learn about the transmitter inside him.

While Soo-hyun is buying painkillers, Kyung-chul taunts him over the transmitter, now knowing who he is and how he's being tracked. To make Soo-hyun lose track of him, Kyung-chul injures a clerk, defecates out the transmitter, and places it inside a taxi driver he assaults, and then steals his car. Determined to find out where Kyung-chul is going, Soo-hyun interrogates Tae-joo and learns that Kyung-chul is going after Joo-yun's family; Jang and Joo-yun's sister Se-yun (Kim Yun-seo). Afterward, Kyung-chul intends to turn himself over to the police.

Soo-hyun arrives too late to stop Kyung-chul, who blinds Jang with a dumbbell and murders Se-yun. However, he manages to prevent the police from capturing Kyung-chul by abducting him before Oh and his men can reach him. Soo-hyun brings Kyung-chul to his old home, where he states his intent to only kill Kyung-chul when he is filled with fear and pain. Eventually, Soo-hyun sets up a guillotine above Kyung-chul's head that will be activated when his parents or son open the door to the room he is in. Placing a new transmitter nearby, Soo-hyun's hears the death of Kyung-chul and his family's reaction to his decapitated corpse. He attempts to walk away from the house, but breaks down crying on the street.

Reception : The film got high critical acclaim and audience responsewith rating of 81% based on 72 reviews and 7.8 rating in IMDB.

I Saw The Devil - Official Trailer [HD]


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